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Middletown – On September 5, 2020, Middletown Police arrested Arturo Munoz, 25, of Elmhurst, NY, for possession of marijuana in an amount of 50 grams or less.  The arrest occurred in the police department parking lot.

Officers observed Munoz standing in the parking lot after parking next to a police vehicle.  Ptl. Daniel Flannigan approached Munoz , who advised the officer that he was there to sell a motorcycle and that he and the buyer were going to be meeting at the police station to conduct the transaction.  Since it was going to be a cash transaction, the buyer had requested using the police department as the meeting place to ensure the safety of both parties.  Munoz agreed and traveled from New York to Middletown. 

As Ptl. Flannigan was talking with Munoz, the officer noted that there was a strong odor of raw, unburned marijuana coming from Munoz’s vehicle.  Munoz then admitted that there was marijuana in the vehicle.  The drugs were seized and Munoz was placed under arrest.  Munoz was processed and released on a summons complaint.

Any persons arrested or charged with offenses are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  Additionally, except in specific circumstances, arrest and complaint information and names of those charged may be released.

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