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Feed and Seed Mural

HIGHLANDS, NJ – Feed & Seed, 154 Bay Avenue, unveils their new mural, “Be the I in Kind”. Owners of this quaint General Store, Mayor Carolyn Broullon and Donica Basinger brought their vision to reality with local Artist, Ryan Toth. The mural selfie spot depicts many animals in the theme of bootlegging and other nautical history of the town while encouraging people to be the I in kind. Inspiration was driven by the local Kindness Rock campaign. “We wanted to support a local artist while incorporating both the animals we feed from the store as well as the message of kindness,” said Donica Basinger. “Every time I look at it, I find another detail I didn’t see before, it really is amazing”, she added.

“We always planned on doing murals at the shop,” said Mayor Carolyn Broullon. “Our bare walls were a true blank canvas. When COVID shut many things down, Ryan was just the artist to bring our message of history, kindness and hope to Highlands.” Avid supporters of local artists, Broullon and Basinger have been members of the Highlands Borough Arts Council since its inception in 2013.

The property has deep rooted history in Highlands, the shop was once known a neighborhood A&P grocery store from 1935 to 1955. “Today, you can still shop local at Feed & Seed. In addition to every pet product imaginable, they carry a line of household essentials, hardware, beach items and more”, said Jay Cosgrove, President of the Highlands Business Partnership and owner of Bahrs Landing.

Highlands is home to some of the best restaurants, unique shops and signature events, now residents and visitors can enjoy this new selfie hotspot in downtown Highlands. Grab your selfie stick and stop by with your friends and family. Please share your selfies - Instagram page @feedandseed.nj and hippokampos.murals, Facebook @feedandseednj and @hippokamposmurals

For store information, visit www.feedandseednj.com and for mural information, visit www.hippokamposmurals.com

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