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Girls Cafe

HIGHLANDS, NJ - It there's anything good that can be said about Covid 19, it's that it has given a new and expanded face to The Girls Cafe on Bay Avenue.

The Hartsgrove sisters, Vera and Kathy, who have been serving up breakfasts and lunches for years in the tiny restaurant on Washington Avenue behind Driftwood Liquors, transformed a portion of their parking area to include umbrella shaded tables with adequate spacing between and moved the blackboard with the daily specials outside for easier viewing. Add to the color and charm of the umbrellas, they've added tiers of flowers and a large sign on the fence proclaiming it is The Girls' Cafe.

Barriers at the end of the dining area safely separate vehicles from pedestrians,  and window service for takeaway dining is also still available.

To add to the charm of this corner of the main street, Driftwood Liquors has also installed an outdoor bar with seating, and barriers to keep the area safe. Takeout continues to be available there as well. 

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