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Humpback Whale

HIGHLANDS, NJ Earlier today, Troopers from the Marine Services Bureau responded to the Route 36 bridge over the Shrewsbury River for the report of a humpback whale.

Marine vessels arrived in the area at approximately 9:24 a.m. to monitor the mammal. Shortly after their arrival, an additional NJSP vessel arrived with a member of the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, which is located in Brigantine, N.J., to assess the whale’s condition.

Preliminarily, the whale appears to be healthy and feeding. We understand it may be tempting to get close for a better look or picture, but at this time, we are advising boaters to avoid the area.

Additional boat traffic may scare the whale and prevent it from leaving the river and/or negatively impact its health.

We will continue to monitor the situation. Hopefully, it will return to sea healthy and with a full belly!

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