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highlands easter bunny michael st amour

HIGHLANDS, NJ – When he’s not giving blood, plasma or platelets, or entertaining the residents at Care One on Route 36, Michael St. Amour wants to create a bit of attention for himself and spread a bit of joy for others.

So he took advantage of the Easter holiday to stage a one-Bunny, unannounced parade along Bay Avenue, from Huddy Park to Bahrs Restaurant.

While he brought out crowds who applauded, cheered, and took photogs, St. Amour also said he was appalled by the lack of thoughtfulness on the part of so many onlookers.

“I was appalled by the stupidity of nearly everyone I spoke to,” he said, While he did not announced his walk in advance specifically to avoid any crowds from gathering, and while he kept his distance from everyone along the way, and was certainly facial covered,  he said he saw people congregating, many not wearing masks even in stores, and an air of something close to disdain and not caring or having  concern for others.

“I got into an argument with one of four guys all a foot apart  I told one guy I care about the people that catch it from him and the people that are infected by them. He laughed and said all you have to do is wash your hands. I told him five hundred thousand people have it now, maybe it's time to get smart.” St Amour said he then began thinking of his own safety and wondered whether he might get knocked off his bike,  he laughed and said, "it's time to get smart, said the man in the bunny suit on a bike!" and escaped with my hide intact!


Editor's Note: Blood Drive in Atlantic Highlands on April 15 and 16

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