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hhrs un trip 9 20 19NEW YORK, NY— Twelve members of the Henry Hudson Regional School Peer Leader program, along with Principal Lenore Kingsmore and Student Assistance Coordinator Scott Isaacs, joined students from Mater Dei Prep at the United Nations on Friday, September 20 for the International Day of Peace and the Climate Action Assembly.

Aidan Casey, Olivia Crowther, Alyssa Curry, Ralph D' Antonio, Zoey Hagan, Grady Hendrickson, Julian Lavarra, Louise Nastasi, Christian Seuffert, Emma Strehl, Sarah Sweeney and Jack Thornton served as UN Flag Bearers for The UN General Secretary, António Guterres, and other dignitaries during the United Nations Peace Bell Ceremony, which was celebrated in the Peace Garden at the United Nations Headquarters. 

Immediately following the ceremony, which included the ringing of the Peace Bell and the observation of a minute of silence, our Peer Leaders joined approximately 700 high school and college students to participate in a Student Observance conference. The conference was attended by many dignitaries and invited guests to promote climate peace and gave students the opportunity to interact with UN Messengers of Peace. As Mrs. Kingsmore noted, “The entire day was truly awe-inspiring.  The students, Mr. Isaacs, and I were surrounded by world leaders gathered to promote peace.  It as an amazing opportunity for the students to be flagbearers and to share in the peace ceremony.  We are very thankful to Mr. George Anthony, coordinator at Mater Dei Prep, for inviting us to join his Global Leaders.”

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