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mths newsletter 1985MIDDLETOWN, NJ - The complete run of the official newsletter of the Middletown Township Historical Society is now freely available at the Society’s newly-launched website at https://www.MiddletownNJHistory.org.  The newsletters, published from 1985 through present day, contain a treasure trove of Middletown history.  Visitors may browse all the newsletters individually, or can search via keyword for a name, subject, or location.

“The Middletown Township Historical Society exists to preserve and promote the history of our town,” said Thomas Valenti, the Society’s president.  “Making these newsletters publicly accessible helps to fulfill that mission.  We hope we can foster more interest in our local history and inspire residents to be more active in our group and community.”

The newsletters are written and compiled by Society members, with the early part of the collection primarily the work of Randall Gabrielan, the noted Monmouth County historian and author.  Whereas in the past the newsletter was printed, the Middletown Township Historical Society now publishes it via email.  All are welcome to sign up for the free newsletter at its new website. In addition to the newsletter, the Middletown Township Historical Society maintains a popular Facebook page that is filled with items of local historical note, and hosts a series of free events featuring presentations by authors and historians.  Most events are held on the third Monday of the month at the Middletown Township Public Library. 

The Middletown Township Historical Society is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.  It is independent of the government of Middletown Township and was established in 1968.  The newsletters, news about upcoming events, and information on how to become more involved with the historical society can be found at https://www.MiddletownNJHistory.org.

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