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ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ - As the fireworks season approaches, and with this being the third summer since state legislature deemed consumer fireworks legal for resale, we would like to remind residents of some safety information.

Despite being marketed as safe, ALL fireworks and sparkling devices are inherently dangerous. 

Sparklers burn at +2000 degrees.  ( For comparison, your cars engine operates at approx 225 degrees and a self cleaning oven can reach approx 900 )

Consumer sparkling devices are for use by the purchaser ( Consumer) on their own property.  It is illegal to use them in restaurants, on boats, on public streets, on public property or on anyone elses property other than your own.

"Fireworks" are still illegal.  Illegal fireworks are subject to siezure by the Fire Marshal and perosns using them are subject to local and state penalties, in addition to being liable for any damages caused by such illegal devices.

We encourage residents and consumers to use extreme caution if they choose to use consumer sparkling devices this season.  Manufacturers instructions must be followed at all times and devices must be disposed of properly.  DO NOT throw discharged devices into unattended garbage cans adjacent to a building or house.

Please report any and all injuries or property damage to the local police department.

Atlantic Highlands Fire Marshal Office - 732 291 1444

Atlantic Highlands Police Department- 732 291 1212

Emergency - 911

As always, we thank the community for their support amd wish everyone a safe and enjoyable 4th of July.

Paul Murphy

Deputy Fire Marshal

Borough of Atlantic Highlands

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