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police cruisersHOLMDEL, NJ - Early Tuesday morning, while on patrol, the Holmdel Police observed a 2016 Mercedes Benz parked on Sussex Road.  The vehicle was determined to be stolen from the driveway of a residence on Cindy Court during the overnight hours, where it was unlocked with the key fob inside. The vehicle was abandoned due to a flat tire. 

There were also several vehicle burglaries within a half mile of that location. These are most likely stolen vehicle attempts, where vehicles are left unlocked but the key fob was removed. Due to the way newer vehicles are designed (mirrors folding in, door handles recessed, etc.) it is easy to tell from a distance when a vehicle is unlocked.

Please ensure that all vehicles are locked and key fobs are not in the vehicle at any time when the vehicle is unattended.

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