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mc hillsdale roadCOLTS NECK, NJ – The Hillsdale Road Bridge (A-4) over Big Brook reopened today with a ribbon cutting ceremony after nine months of closure.

The new concrete bridge retains two lanes of traffic with upgraded guide rail, drainage and approach roadways. The bridge was replaced due to the deterioration of the original wooden structure, built in 1945.

Freeholder Director Arnone spoke at the ceremony today, attended by local officials, residents and business owners.

“We appreciate the cooperation and patience of all the residents who may have been inconvenienced during the construction period,” said Freeholder Director Thomas A. Arnone, liaison to the County’s Department of Public Works and Engineering. “I’m happy to say they will find a much-improved structure that is one of many in the county to have been significantly upgraded this year.”

Freeholder Deputy Director Lillian G. Burry presented a bottle of wine as a thank you to the Montana Construction representative, courtesy of 4JG’s Winery, whose business lies directly adjacent to the bridge.

“You may not appreciate it if you do not live or travel in this area, but the residents and business owners of Colts Neck, including myself, are thrilled to see this bridge reopened,” said Freeholder Deputy Director Lillian G. Burry.


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