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korea border houseSixty-five years after the Korean Armistice Agreement was signed, there are 1.7 million Korean War veterans living in the United States and Puerto Rico.

The armistice was signed in July 1953 but Congress extended the period of involvement for veterans benefits to January 1955. Almost 6 million men and women served during the Korean War era where U.S. involvement began in July 1950.


us census wartime veterans 2016

The median age of Korean War veterans is 84 years and nearly all are men (97.4 percent). While large states like California, Florida and Texas have the highest number of Korean War veterans, Puerto Rico has the highest percentage of all veterans who served in the Korean War (18.5 percent), and Alaska has the lowest (3.0 percent).

A higher percentage of Korean War veterans (39.2 percent) use VA health care and a lower percentage have a service-connected disability (13.6 percent), compared with all other veterans (34.5 percent and 22.6 percent, respectively).

Approximately 5 percent of Korean War veterans also served in World War II, while about 10 percent of Korean War veterans went on to serve during the Vietnam Era.


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