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hc preschool olympicsPHOTO:  Cheered on by their older peers, the Preschool Olympians march in the opening procession.

RUMSON – In honor of the great international tradition that is the Olympic Games, Holy Cross Preschool hosted its own Preschool Olympics.

With the help of their teachers and assistants, four preschool classes created personal torches to carry and team tee shirts to wear in the opening procession. On their way to the Olympic stadium (aka the Holy Cross School gym), preschoolers were cheered on by their older peers, who lined the halls offering high fives and well wishes for the games ahead.

hc hudson klein olympics

PHOTO:  Hudson Klein proudly takes his turn on the podium.

In the gym, Holy Cross gym teacher Mr. Mike Feerst was the Master of Ceremonies, referee and biggest cheerleader, as he led the students through hockey games, “ski” jumps, speed “skating” and the gold medal ceremony. Every child had his or her chance to shine on the podium and enjoy a taste of the Olympic spirit!  Who knows what future Olympians may have taken part in these preschool games?

hc olivia bruno olympics

PHOTO:  Olivia Bruno proudly takes her turn on the podium.