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mobile phoneNew Law Requires All Federal Websites Be Updated for Mobile Use

Washington, D.C. – Last night, President Trump signed legislation into law that was introduced earlier this year by Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) and Congresswoman Robin Kelly (D-IL) that mandates government websites be mobile friendly. The House passed the bill unanimously on November 15, 2017, and the Senate approved the bill on December 21, 2017. 


The Connected Government Act requires that new or updated federal websites be made mobile friendly within six months. It also calls for the Office of Management and Budget and the General Services Administration to submit a status report to Congress and the public18 months from now to make sure federal agencies are complying with the new law.

“At a time when more Americans are using their mobile phones to connect online, this new law will ensure that federal government websites are finally mobile friendly,” Pallone said.  “Every American who tries to access a government service through their phone will benefit from this law.  It is particularly important for low-income and minority communities, who are four times more likely to use their mobile phone as their only connection to essential government services.” 

Last January, Pallone called on Congress “to take a fresh look at how we all connect by focusing on security, opportunity and access.” As mobile technology has continued to progress, the federal government’s mobile websites have lagged behind. With 40 percent of smartphone users accessing information about government services on their phones, and 77 percent of Americans owning smartphones, it is imperative that government websites be designed for those who access them on mobile phones.

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