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ahes faculty folliesATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ - It has been said that teachers will bend over backwards to help their students.  That’s literally what happened at Atlantic Highlands Elementary School on Friday, October 20. 

The faculty of AHES sang, danced, acted, and even performed gymnastics to raise money for the Robin Vaccarelli Scholarship Fund.  The teacher-sponsored fund awards a sixth grade student with a “Student of the Year” award and a graduating Henry Hudson student who is pursuing a career in education or another helping profession with a $1,000 scholarship.


After a thrilling flash mob opening to “Tonight’s Gonna be a Good Night,” Kindergarten teacher Susan Evans, the RVSF chair, introduced Mrs. Vaccarelli’s family to the sold out audience.  Mrs. Evans noted that, “At the busiest time of the school year, our teachers and staff committed to this event” because “we are a family, and families come together when called upon.”    

The program for this exuberant and eclectic evening included group performances to Michael Jackson and Spice Girl favorites, dancing mannequins and pillows, a rousing Tom Jones solo, and an accordion-playing Weird Al version of “Yoda/Lola” (Yes, an AHES staff member can actually play the accordian.)  The evening concluded with a rousing rendition of “Rockin Robin,” which was one of Mrs. Vaccarelli’s favorites.

Nicole Mednis, a mom of a student who attends AHES summed up the evening by commenting, “ Best teachers ever.  And they can sing and dance too.”