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steel bridge claypit creek 2012PHOTO: "Steel Bridge" over Claypit Creek in Middletown in the aftermath of Sandy in October 2012. Courtesy Allan Dean.

We Need Your Help!

MIDDLETOWN, NJ - Help #BeTheEyesOnTheRise along the Jersey Shore.

The king tides occur when the Earth, Moon and Sun are aligned at perigee and perihelion, resulting in the largest tidal range seen over the course of a year. 

Today‚Äôs "king tides", the highest annual seasonal tides, will be the average tides of the future due to sea level rise. King tides may result in coastal erosion, flooding of low lying areas, and road closures. They can be particularly damaging when they coincide with significant precipitation.

We're hoping that you'll take part in a crowd sourcing effort to document areas around the Shore that are already experiencing nuisance flooding. The data and photos collected through the #CaptureTheKing Tide effort will be publicly available for all to use, learn from, and document local trouble spots.

You can help document the areas around the Jersey Shore that are already subject to tidal flooding in two ways: 
1. Use the Sea Level Rise App to "JOIN" the Capture the King Tide 
2. Post your photos to the Capture the King Tide Facebook Group
Use the hashtags: #CaptureTheKing and #BeTheEyesOnTheRise.


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