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nj 6th districtRED BANK, NJ - The Greater Red Bank Women's Initiative has gathered nearly 1,200 signatures on a petition that calls upon all candidates for statewide offices in the 2017 New Jersey election to support an amendment to the State Constitution that changes the way congressional and legislative districts are created. The petition calls for the formation of an independent, non-partisan body, with specific guidelines, that would draw competitive districts that have logical geographical boundaries and would take politics out of the redistricting process.


Our present system creates an unfair balance for those seeking office, while ignoring the common interests and territorial priorities of New Jersey's citizens. All too often, districts have been drawn by the dominant political party or created by both parties with the sole purpose of preserving their hold on their offices.

The Greater Red Bank Women’s Initiative was formed in November 2016 and has quickly developed a reputation as a thought leader in the political landscape of Central New Jersey. It is an issue-driven organization with committees that tackle topics such as voting rights, climate change, health issues, religious tolerance, and immigration.

Gerrymandering is the most "hot issue" case currently before the U.S. Supreme Court. 

nj legistlative districts

New Jersey voters need to know and deserve to know where all 2017 candidates, whether for Governor, State Senate or Assembly, stand on the issue that is so critical to a functioning democracy.

It is the goal of the organization to bring this project statewide by enlisting the help of other groups, outside of Monmouth County.  When completed before the November 2018 election, this project will have a great impact.

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