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connie mark strassburgPhoto: Connie & Mark Strassburg  (Courtesy of Sherilyn Przelomski, Business Enhancement Services)

Atlantic Highlands, NJ… After 32 years of serving award winning barbecue meals, local owners Connie & Mark Strassburg of the Memphis Pig Out are closing its doors in May.  Located off First Avenue in Atlantic Highlands, the restaurant has been a destination for the locals and tourists who enjoy the delicious tastes of Southern cuisine. The Memphis Pig Out is not only known for its smoked baby back ribs and other tasty barbecue dishes, but for its display of pigs that line the walls of the restaurant and the captivating outside décor of vibrant plants that welcome its guests. 


Memphis Pig Out opened their doors on May 1, 1985. Recognized through all the years for its savory smoked dishes, they are also well-known for their generosity and commitment to the community, often seen serving and donating to local fundraising events.  

“Now I know the full meaning of bittersweet.  We are ecstatic to be free of all the responsibilities of owning a business! On the other hand, the cost is a drastic change in the relationship with our friends and Memphis Pig Out Family. And this is so sad,” said Connie Strassburg, owner of Memphis Pig Out.

Join Connie & Mark for one last barbecue dinner before the doors close at the end of May. They will be offering all their pigs for sale.  The Memphis Pig Out is located at 67 First Ave, Atlantic Highalnds. For more information visit https://www.memphispigout.com.


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