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little silver recreationLITTLE SILVER, NJ – The annual Little Silver Recreation Coaches Appreciation Dinner is a wonderful, fun-filled evening for the town’s volunteer coaches to get together, have a bite to eat, enjoy a few cocktails, and reminisce about the coaching experiences they have had over the years.  Friday, February 24th was filled with exactly that in Little Silver!


One night every year, the Little Silver Recreation Committee, led by their Director, Doug Glassmacher organizes this event where coaches, spouses, and community members can all gather and recognize the men and women who volunteer countless, dedicated hours to the children of Little Silver.  Basketball coaches leave their clipboards at home, baseball coaches don’t have to lug any equipment to the party – It’s just a fun night out with friends at the Little Silver Women’s Club to celebrate the last twelve months of success and look forward to the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

The annual Coaches Appreciation Dinner was first organized seven years ago by Doug Glassmacher, Little Silver’s Recreation Director, in an effort to say thank you to all of the volunteers that make Little Silver’s Recreation program so strong.  Glassmacher said, "A recreation program is only as good as it's volunteers - and by golly, we've got some great ones here in Little Silver!"  The Little Silver Recreation Baseball Coordinator, Rick Brandt praised Glassmacher by saying “Doug has been an incredible role model for many of us in the community for how he leads with such dedication!” Brandt added, “Little Silver is lucky to have Glassmacher!”

Local businesses always support this annual Little Silver Coaches Appreciation Dinner with donations and the Red Bank Regional High School Culinary Program always cooks a delicious meal for everyone in attendance. 


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