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ah boat on pilingsPHOTO:  A boat is trapped on the pilings at the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor. Credit: Marc DeMasi Design

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ - For the third time this year, a pleasure boat has been trapped on the pilings at the end of the Hesse (Seastreak) pier. 

Early this afternoon, a man drove his boat over the pilings.  Friends tried in vain to pull the boat off the pilings and finally took the man aboard their craft.  They will wait for high tide Wednesday to try again to pull the boat off.  High tide is expected at 11:21 PM tonight.


There is some concern that the wake from incoming Seastreak Ferries this evening may bounce the boat around and maybe punch a hole in the hull.  The ferry service has 4 more runs this evening.

Boaters frequently get caught on the pilings each year.  Another boat was caught there in July

In years past, there have been discussions of having the pilings removed.  Some have said that removing the pilings, from an old wooden pier that once extended further into the bay, would pose environmental problems and ruin a habitat for aquatic life.  Others claim it is a navigation hazard that has to go.