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UPDATE: The boat was pulled off the pilings by Sea Tow at about 5:45 PM Sunday.

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PHOTO:  The vessel "Life is Good" (right) is stuck on pilings at the Seastreak pier in Atlantic Highlands.  photo courtesy AH Fire Marshal's Office / Paul Murphy.

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ - A 38.5 foot fiberglass boat has been hung up on the pilings at the end of the Seastreak pier since 7:30 p.m. Saturday night.

"Life Is Good", a pleasure boat registered with a port of Highlands Beach, Florida, had run out of fuel at the end of Sandy Hook and was towed into Atlantic Highlands Harbor.  After refueling, it was heading out of the harbor near the Seastreak pier when it ran over submerged pilings, according to a source familiar with the incident.  The area is identified with warning markers.

Year    2008
Length    38.5 feet / 11.7 meters
Depth    7.5 feet / 2.3 meters
Breadth    13.7 feet / 4.2 meters

The U. S. Coast Guard responded from Staten Island.  Efforts to tow the vessel off the pilings last night failed, according to Atlantic Highlands Police Sgt. Harry Murtha. 

ah boat pilings night

PHOTO:  Boat is hung up on pilings Saturday night.  Credit Atlantic Highlands Fire Department.

Sea Tow will try again at high tide Sunday evening (6:54 PM in AH) to remove the boat.

Sources with the fire department said communication with the three indivduals on the boat Saturday was difficult.  None of the men spoke English well according to the sources.  

Due to the public access of the ferry landing, the pier area is designated MARSEC 1 by Homeland Security.  Level 1 means: minimum appropriate security measures shall be maintained at all times.


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PHOTO: LIFE IS GOOD, is guided into the Atlantic Highlands harbor.

UPDATE: The boat was pulled off the pilings by Sea Tow at about 5:45 PM

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