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future with hopeHIGHLANDS, NJ - The Highlands Community of Hope is a community development project with a vision that sees the Borough of Highlands as a community of opportunity, prosperity and wholeness.  Our mission is to build a coalition of community groups and partners that will join to create programs and activities that foster a healthy community. 

Currently the project is being led by Highlands residents who attend the United Methodist Church of Atlantic Highlands who are working with A Future With Hope and the United Methodist Church of Greater NJ.  We have met with council members, school leaders, business people, government workers and residents to listen to their needs and concerns to focus and drive our work. 

To move forward we want to gather information from the residents of Highlands directly.  We have designed a brief survey and ask that you take a few moments to complete it on line so your voice can be heard.   We also encourage you to pass this survey to friends and neighbors so that we may get the broadest possible response. 

Please click this link to start the survey:   https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HighlandsCommunityOfHope


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