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HIGHLANDS, NJ - As part of the Borough’s Hurricane Sandy Storm Recovery Efforts, the Borough is seeking to utilize FEMA funding for the Highlands STORM-DAMAGED HOUSE DEMOLITIONS AND PRIVATE PROPERTY DEBRIS REMOVAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM.

The Private Property Debris Removal Program is intending to assist the residents of the Borough of Highlands with the removal of structures that pose a risk to the health, safety and welfare of the community. Your property may be eligible for this program.

At this time, the Borough is accepting applications from property owners, who are interested in having licensed/certified contractors hired by the Borough, to demolish and remove storm damaged houses from privately-owned properties at no cost to the property owner.

In order for program costs to be deemed eligible for FEMA funding, FEMA must review and approve each application and determine that applicants and properties qualify and are deemed eligible for FEMA funding.

To take advantage of this potential opportunity, please contact the Borough Engineer’s office for further information and assistance at 732-671-6400 and ask for Dana Webb.

Applications must be received by October 16, 2015 to be considered for eligibility.

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