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raccoonMIDDLETOWN – The Middletown Township Health Department has received laboratory confirmation of a raccoon testing positive for Rabies. The raccoon was tested after being found acting abnormal and lethargic. This incident happened in the wooded area between Taylor Lane and Cherry Tree Lane. There are no reports of any human or domestic animal being in contact with the raccoon, according to Health Department Director Rich DeBenedetto.

In light of finding this rabid raccoon, we would like to remind residents about the possibility of wildlife being infected with Rabies. Please make sure all domestic animals (dogs, cats, and livestock) are currently vaccinated with a Rabies shot. Do not let your pets run free off leash, even in the woods, to ensure they do not come in contact with wildlife that may be rabid.

Residents should not be interacting with wildlife. If you come across a sick or injured animal, keep your distance and please contact Animal Control at 732-615-2097 immediately or contact the Police Department after hours and on weekends. Remember, Rabies is a fatal disease. The best course of defense is the vaccination of your pets and not handling or interacting with wildlife.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Animal Control at 732-615-2097.

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