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frank greco sonPHOTO: Frank Greco enjoys his victory with his son. His sons’interest is what got him started shooting competitively.

Atlantic Highlands, NJ - Frank Greco competed in Precision Pistol at Nationals held at Camp Perry in Ohio. He placed within the top 10 of the very competitive Civilian Expert Class. Greco went into Nationals winning his class at a large regional competition the weekend before and was confident with his skills.

"Nationals are an event like no other and competition is fierce", said Greco. Competitors shoot pistols strong hand only (one handed) at 50 yard and 25 yard targets. All firing ports are unprotected and competitors shoot in any condition except for lightening. Shooters are required to shoot 3 pistols: 22, any Centerfire, and 45 calibers.

First relay on 22 day was rough with strong winds and a lot of rain. Greco could barely see the target so scores suffered but not his determination and focus. He came back to shoot a personal best for Camp Perry in Centerfire and then another with 45 finishing 2nd for the 45 match.

Shooting competitively is akin to professional level golf. There is a lot of things that can affect your performance. The mental aspect is especially challenging to maintain focus as competitors progress through a competition. Greco was pleased with his performance but training starts again soon for next year.

Greco is also a Regional Vice President and Pistol Chair for the Association of New Jersey of Rifle & Pistol Clubs. He promotes pistol shooting for adults and juniors alike.

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