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KEYPORT, NJ - An anonymous caller to Keyport Police at 1:37 p.m. Sunday afternoon stated that he had stabbed a female and was holding another person hostage at a residence.  The male caller said he would kill the hostages and any responding police officers.

When police arrived on the scene they determined the call had been a "swatting" hoax.   A male resident was in his apartment doing a live webcast on his YouTube channel, Fist Pump.  Heavily armed police appear in the video as they arrive and search the apartment. 

[youtube height="300" width="300"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWFO9MlFRbM[/youtube]

In an interview with News 4 New York, the man said police thought he had stabbed his girlfried and was holding another person hostage.

The unidentified male resident said that while some might think it is amusing,  "it is also very serious.  People's lives are risk when you do something like this."

The Keyport swatting incident comes on the heals of other swatting calls in the last few weeks.  

At the end of March, police received a false report of an armed person on the roof of Village Elementary School in Holmdel.  Earlier this month, police investigated fake hostage call in Upper Freehold.

The investigation is ongoing with the Keyport Police Department and the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office. 

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