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rev richard shawPHOTO: Rev Richard Shaw, Ph.D. of Calvary Chapel of Monmouth County.

LEONARDO, NJ - “Can We Trust the Bible?” is the theme of a new study, “The Bible and Its Context,” starting Wednesday, April 29, that will answer questions such as,

“How do we know that the book we call the Bible is the complete and authentic Bible?”

“What about the so-called ‘lost books’ and other gospels?”

“Was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene and did they have a baby together?”

“What about Mormon claims for the Book of Mormon?”

“How accurate is the Jehovah’s Witness New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures?”

The Rev. Richard Shaw, Ph.D, Pastor of Calvary Chapel of Monmouth County, leads this seminar at the church, located at 810 Hwy. 36, just north of the Wawa in Leonardo. Meetings start at 7:00 PM, and questions will be welcomed during the six-week study.

Future seminars will study Hermeneutics (principles of interpretation), Counseling, Christianity and Islam, Creation vs. Evolution, Calling the Cults to Christ, and the Philosophy of Christianity, though not necessarily in that order.

Everyone is welcome; No charge.

Please call 732-489-1314 or 732-766-3149 for directions to Calvary Chapel. 

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