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bethlehem boundATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ  - All families are invited to “Bethlehem Bound” on Saturday, December 13th, at Central Baptist Church. Bethlehem Bound is designed for entire families to participate together, and will be enjoyed most by families with children under junior high age.

Families should arrive by 2:45 PM to register. After registering, families will be assigned to a scene of the show and will head to their scene’s rehearsal space. In just one hour, all the parents and children in each scene will learn a song and motions, as well as create fun props.

At 4 PM, it’s show time! Since families will only participate in one scene, participants will sit in the audience for most of the show and just enjoy!

A cast and audience party will follow the show, with snacks and lots of fun.

central baptist church stefan

Please call Ashley at 732.291.8111 to RSVP by Friday, December 12th at 12 PM. Central Baptist Church is located at 28 East Highland Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716, or visit us online at centralbaptistchurchah.org

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