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MIDDLETOWN, NJ – Poricy Park Conservancy located in Middletown, NJ, held its Annual Frog Fest on Sunday, August 10th, helping children prepare for back-to-school.

Add Frog Fest at Poricy Park to the list of preparations for back-to-school!  Many local children enjoyed exploring the pond and various frog stations such as Froggy Music and Toad Abode this past Sunday afternoon.

As they participated in the festivities, they also prepared themselves for the new school year. Research has shown that children who participate in outdoor education with the local environment demonstrate an increased engagement and enthusiasm for learning, improved academic performance and better language skills; have shown greater sense of pride and ownership in accomplishments and a variety of substantially increased critical thinking skills (source: Holmes, 2007).


So if you discover children hopping, croaking, and exploring at Poricy Park, you’ll know they are just doing their “homework”!

Photos of the event are available upon request. All community programs and summer camps are run by Poricy Park Conservancy, a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. Poricy Park is located at 345 Oak Hill Road in Middletown Township. With exceptional ecological resources, the 250 acre historical and nature site makes it one of the largest parks in Monmouth County. The Park offers recreational activities such as magnificent wooded hiking trails, bird watching, pristine pond settings, fishing, and a one-of-a-kind 70 million year-old Cretaceous fossil bed. For more information please visit www.PoricyPark.org or call 732-842-5966. 

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