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Family Owned Business Volunteers Time

Atlantic Highlands, NJ – Food Circus Super Markets, a local family owned business operated by the Azzolina and Scaduto families out of Middletown, will voluntarily clean a section of Route 36 in Atlantic Highlands from milepost 14 to milepost 15 for the New Jersey Clean Communities Adopt-A-Highway Program.

On October 3rd many team members of Food Circus Super Foodtown will take the time to clean a section of Route 36.  This will help reduce litter on the highway in an ongoing effort to improve the appearance of New Jersey’s landscape.

This company has always been committed to helping the community whether it is through the Adopt-A-Highway program or another; it is something we make every effort to succeed in.  Last year nearly $70,000.00 was raised through an Icon Sales Program for local and national nonprofit organizations. Since 2010 over $250,000.00 has been raised for charity.  Adopt-A-Highway adds to this corporate commitment to serve the communities surrounding the company’s stores in Middlesex, Monmouth, and Ocean Counties. 

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