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The Borough of Atlantic Highlands has posted video and still pictures of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Please visit www.ahnj.com to view them.

The harbor yard crew and Miller Towing and Salvage have removed all boats that remained afloat in the harbor and they are now on stands.

If you have received a phone call from the harbor office advising you that your boat has been lifted and re-chocked, you may come to the harbor beginning Friday, between 8am - 4pm,  to check your boat.

If you have not received a phone call, please do not come to the harbor. You willl not be permitted to enter until your boat is accessible and the surroundings are safe.

You MUST have your access card and a copy of the current declaration page of your boat insurance policy to enter the yard. If you do not have your access card, please come to the harbor office at 100 First Avenue, to obtain a temporary pass.

The harbor office will be open on Sunday to assist you.

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