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Middletown, NJ - The Middletown Township meeting held on October 15, 2012 celebrated Middletown Day 2012 with recognition and awards for adults and children alike.  After the Roll Call of the Township Committee members, the meeting opened with a moment of silence to honor our troops serving overseas. 

Mayor Anthony Fiore recognized Middletown Day Committee members and sponsors by presenting them with Certificates of Appreciation along with Deputy Mayor Stephen Massell.  President Andrew Bane and members of the Leonardo Citizen's Committee were among the recipients of these awards, and  The Leonardo Citizen's Committee was also a part of the Middletown Day Planning Committee.  The Middletown Public Library was a sponsor of Middletown Day, and Patrice Nugent, Supervisor of the Senior Center at Croydon Hall, also participated in Middletown Day 2012.

Mayor Fiore and Deputy Mayor Massell also presented awards to the winners of the Sporting Events at Middletown Day 2012, and the Middletown children and young adults were very happy and excited at receiving these Awards of Appreciation. 

There were two Proclamations declared by Mayor Fiore.  The first Proclamation he declared October 15, 2012 Roberta Sheridan Day, and the second Proclamation he declared the month of October as Lets Make a Difference Day.

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