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LEONARDO, NJ - On Friday night, February 4, 2011, the Leonardo Citizen's Committee held a meeting at the New Jersey Blindmen's Association on Burlington Avenue, Leonardo.  Residents of Leonardo attended the meeting as well as Atlantic Highlands realtor Raymond Passaro.

Several citizens stated they received a letter from Realty Appraisal of West New York, with lower property tax assessments.  Mr. Passaro stated that even though the taxes were assessed lower, it did not mean that the property taxes were necessarily going to be lowered.  He said that it was the rate that determines if the taxes are going to be lowered, they may not be lowered at all. Mr. Passaro also stated that assessing value occurs at a certain period of time.  He said that in the past, the values on homes were always more than the assessments, and that the values of homes were down 25%.

It was also noted at the meeting, that with a new rule on property taxes, if a resident does not pay the 4th quarter taxes, then a lien could be put on one's home.

Tax appeals are still be filed by residents who live on waterfront properties.