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Carol Burnette Show

Long Branch, NJ - There is use to be this variety show on TV back in the 1970's, the Carol Burnette Show and she use to do these hysterical skits, some were based on old black and white movies like Gone With the Wind, etc. I managed to get the rights for them and am looking for the following types to fill some of the roles in these skits. The show will only have 5 performances from 2/4-2/12.

1. A guy in his 20's or 30's that is very good looking.

2. A guy to play Rhett Butler

3. A guy who can play a very old man but doesn't have to be old

4. A guy any age who can play an obviously gay guy - a la Jack type from Will and Grace (he can be older chronologically than Jack)

5. A woman to play someone who looks like she can be in her 50's or

60's 6. An attractive woman who can pass for someone in their early 40's

as well as playing an obnoxious teenager with a lisp

If any of you are interested or no of anyone that would be interested please call me at 732 888-0339.


Passion Players Community Theatre
195 West End Avenue
(Located in The IAMA Building -

(Theatre is Upstairs)
Long Branch, NJ 07740