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LINCROFT, NJ - Lincroft Presbyterian Church has invited Lincoln Authority Glenn W. LeBoeuf to present “Ten Moral Moments In The Life Of Abraham Lincoln” His Lifelong Quest to Find The 'Better Angels' of His Nature


Feb. 21st 7:30-8:45 ( doors open at 7:00)

Lincroft Presbyterian Church, Corner of Everett Rd. & West Front St.,Lincroft, NJ, 07739 ( ext. 109 GSP) 732-741-8921

As the storm clouds of war gathered around him, Abraham Lincoln, at his first inaugural address urged his fellow countrymen to listen to “the 'better angels' of our nature”. Few Americans ever lived these words better than did our 16th president.

This 80 minute presentation will show how, throughout his entire life, Abraham Lincoln was a powerful living example of kindness, dedication to the truth, generosity, empathy, humility, compassion and resolve. Students of history and teenagers alike will enjoy these stories of our greatest president.

Though no admission will be charged, Glenn has requested that a donation jar be placed in the rear of the church to help the church with the cost of clean-up and refreshments.

Lincroft Presbyterian Church is a family-style congregation that offers a hands-on Children's Sunday School programs, Sr. High Youth Group, weekly Adult Discussion series Women's Bible Study, Women's Weekend retreats, and active choir and much more. Pastor Brian Croak This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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