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LONG BRANCH, NJ - Future Star Productions Youth theatre Company housed at the IAMA building, 195 West End Ave., Long Branch, NJ is holding auditions for the hysterical non-musical spoof of the Phantom Of The Opera  called "The Phantom Of The OP'RY."

The auditions will be held: Monday 2/14 from 4-6:30 PM
This show goes up in March and will perform Sat.'s & Sun.'s @ 12 PM.
All roles are fabulous.
A lot of depth to each one.
This show will be a lot of fun.
To be directed by PM Bonds.
For any questions please call Debby at 732 888-0339.
The Character Breakdown for the roles that need to be cast:
Erik - The Phantom Himself - he is very mysterious, evil and ghost like.
Louisa Pampermous - the new owner of the Op'ry House who is trying to make a go of the theatre.
Junior Hampster - He's the Deputy of the town who is a little slow minded.
Silky Acidtongue - A music critic who thinks he's all that & a bag of chips.
Chester Broomhandle - The theatre's stage manager and theatre rat catcher.
Zaza - A pretty chorus girl - she also plays Felicity - a snobbish patron.
Mimi - Another pretty chorus girl, who also plays Flufferduff - another snobbish patron.
Christine Swansong - A very beautiful chorus girl who gets caught by the Phantom.
Mrs. Swansong - Christine's protective Mother - she also plays Salome -The Phantom's Sister.
Carlotta Barracuda - The mean, conceited diva of the show they are trying to put on.
Lt. Farleigh Good - Christine's boyfriend and soldier who tries to capture the Phantom.
Dora - Carlotta's mild and meek assistant.