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david prown 120Any movie with Morgan Freedman, Robert DeNiro, Kevin Kline and Michael Douglas would definitely get true movie lovers attention. But the theme of a senior citizens buddy movie, comedy, bachelor party set in Vegas did not get me excited at all to see. But out of respect and fit my time slot, I went to see the other day.

Now this foursome of childhood pals of 58 years was named the "Flatbush 4" after where they were raised. Once a year, I get together with my second grade buddies (so were up to 45 years) for an annual weekend. Our groups core name is the "Fearless Foursome"

so definitely I may connect with this movie a bit more than others.

Movie was predicable, not very impressive but it had some real tender, friendship moments that carried the way. Add in some nice comedy by these legends and this movie will do "okay" at the box office.

The age of the characters in the movie was 71 and I'm telling you the audience I saw the show will was clearly in the 60 plus range. Plus the PG-13 rating will bring a decent audience for a similar themed movie to R-rated "Hangover".

In all the big theatres, but you can definitely wait for the small screen to see. Nice movie but forgettable

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