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Many thanks to the men and women of the Atlantic Highlands First Aid and Safety Squad.  The squad has for years escorted Santa around town on his sleigh.  It is a joy to watch the young girls and boys creep out to the street with mom and dad snapping photos.  Santa always has time to visit with each child on his route.  How nice it is to see a youngster sitting on the old gent's lap, staring up into his cherry red face and rattling off a list a mile long of wanted toys.

This personal visit means so much to the community children. We all owe a great debt to the First Aid and Safety Squad of Atlantic Highlands for arranging this very special visit.  Their volunteer efforts extend beyond making emergency calls to those in need and the hours of training required to perform their tasks.  They show us what great citizens can do to make our world a little better.


Allan Dean

Atlantic Highlands, NJ


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