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Now democrat Mary Mahoney, who just lost an election, says it’s unethical for Middletown's Mayor to accept a position in State government and not broadcast it. Excuse me, but the responsibility to make that announcement is solely the State's and the Department involved. Oh, had they bothered to do their homework, Mr. Scharfenberger's name is on the state website.

As for her belief that it was unethical, I say baloney.

If she were so concerned about ethics, why did she run with an attorney (Sean Byrnes) who does have ethics charges still pending against him (as of the Friday before the election)? Or didn't Sean happen to tell his running mate about those charges filed against him in October, 2009?

Hypocrisy, thou name is democrat.

By the way, Gerry Scharfenberger is a fantastic choice - not only will he do a great job, but he has the honesty and integrity for the position. Oh, and did you know, Gerry isn’t even taking a salary as a township committeeman?

Thomas Stokes
Middletown, NJ

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