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39 million seniors depend on Medicare. Seniors have earned their Medicare and they deserve the peace of mind that comes with being able to see the doctors they know and trust. AARP has heard from its members – whether they’re Democrats, Republicans or Independents – and they agree Congress has a responsibility to keep doctors in the Medicare program by providing a stable payment system.

More than a decade ago, Congress created a flawed system to pay Medicare doctors and they’ve been unable to agree on a permanent solution ever since. 2010 was a year of band-aid solutions and now Congress has less than a month to stop Medicare doctors from receiving a 25 percent pay cut. This could cause seniors to lose their doctors. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Time is running out. AARP is calling on Congress to give seniors some stability by stopping the cut for one year. This would provide ample time for the new Congress to put past differences aside, reach across the aisle, and find a permanent solution that makes sense.

Simply put: Congress must protect seniors’ access to doctors for the long- term.


Jane Margesson

AARP New Jersey Communications Director

Plainsboro, NJ

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