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To Laura Baum, Dora Crisafulli, Preston Gilliam, Marilyn Michaels and the rest of the Middletown Democrats, here’s a news flash – you lost the election, get over it.  Instead of perpetuating a losing campaign after the election, your energy would be better spent partnering with Mayor Scharfenberger to pressure your fellow Democrats in Trenton to come out of their slumber and pass Governor Christie’s Tool Kit.  This would finally give towns the ability to stop union excess and control local property taxes.   The Democrats in Trenton and their union allies, as Governor Christie has rightly pointed out, are stonewalling the one chance New Jerseyeans have for lower property taxes.   That is a disgrace and every resident of New Jersey, regardless of party, should be outraged.


Peter VanNortwick
Middletown, NJ

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