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Dear Editor,

Am I the only resident of Middletown amazed at the chutzpah of our Mayor Scharfenberger?

How many times can he lie and expect to come out appearing innocent?

At Monday night’s meeting I asked him if he was in attendance at a meeting concerning Shadow Lake on October 21st, attended by Ms Cindy Randazzo, DEP, Senator Kyrillos, other DEP officials and a representative from the T&M engineering firm.  He said he never attended that meeting.  In fact, he did attend, but I, inaccurately, said that the meeting was held in Trenton, when it was not held there.  This has been confirmed by others in attendance, including Ms. Randazzo.

The truth is Mayor Scharfenberger’s new State title created a conflict of interest when he attended that meeting to discuss the Township’s continuing battle with the DEP over how to handle the dredge spoils produced by the proposed dredging project at the Lake.   When asked about this Monday night, he lied again saying there was no conflict.  The subject of the meeting was Shadow Lake.  He cannot represent both the state and the citizens of Middletown in this matter.

More shocking was the Mayor’s reluctant admission that he had lied at the Lincroft Candidate’s Night when he said that he had not taken a salary from his Middletown Committeeman job during 2010. When asked about this during Monday’s meeting he said, rather angrily, “I never said that!  Let the record show that I never said that”.  Only after being confronted with evidence from the Township’s bill list that he had taken a salary until August of this year (about the time he started his new $95,000 State job), along with quotes from the audio tape from Candidates Night, did he finally admit that he had received a salary up until the time he was appointed to the new State job in August.,

To those of us who regularly attend Township Committee meetings, these events were inevitable.  The Mayor has claimed to have a “financial plan” for the Township among other things, but has never seemed capable of sharing it.  His frequent exaggeration of his efforts on behalf of the budget and convenient conversations with unnamed residents have served him well until now.  But his slender tether with the truth parted in the last few weeks.  Unfortunately, honesty is not a job prerequisite in Middletown, and we all will continue to pay the price for his desperate need to remain in office.


Marilyn Michaels
Middletown, NJ


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