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Dear Editor:

As the late, great President Reagan once said, “there you go again”.

Not too long ago in Middletown, a well-known Democrat leader and activist was apprehended by the police for taking down Republican campaign signs, pleaded guilty and was duly penalized.

Now, you’d think a responsible political organization would denounce that type of conduct and remove this person from the campaign.  If they had any integrity, they would; but no, this individual is still a leading, vocal member of the Democratic organization – and a member of its Executive Committee!

It’s all happening again.  Just this past weekend, seven wooden Republican campaign signs – placed legally and properly – were spray painted during the night. Since the campaign began, we have had dozens of signs, many on private property, go missing. And this is no prank or random manifestation of childish behavior.  The sequences and locations show a carefully planned and executed pattern of vandalism and intimidation.

What are the Democrats afraid of?  Have they no issues or ideas of their own so they resort to silencing anyone who opposes them?  Obviously, they do not denounce it since they keep in key positions those who practice this trashy, thuglike behavior.

My Republican party has a policy of never touching another’s signs and respecting their right to campaign without intimidation.  Anyone doing so would be immediately removed from the party organization, and not kept on.

A well-fought campaign is at the heart of American democracy.  Thuglike activity may play well in some places, but Middletown is not one of them.

Anyone who condones or fails to openly denounce such behavior is unworthy of holding any party or government position in the public trust.

Emil Wrede
Middletown, NJ