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Last night at Temple Shalom in Matawan the League of Women Voters moderated a one hour debate between Frank Pallone and Anna Little, followed by a half hour Q&A with Rush Holt at 8PM and his opponent Sipprele at 8:30.  The League supplied cards for the audience to submit questions for the candidates and explained the format for the debate.

To say I was appalled at the behavior of the Little supporters is an understatement. The angry mob of bullies known as Anna's Army proceeded to disrupt and disrespect the program by shouting constantly whenever Pallone answered a question. Apparently this is a tactic used by them wherever their candidate appears. For those who attended in hopes of learning about the issues from both sides, which was the League's intent, we were denied that privilege. So much for freedom of speech.

Randi Le Grice

Atlantic Highlands, NJ