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For a dozen years, Representative Rush Holt has provided exemplary service to residents of New Jersey's 12th Congressional district.  He has sponsored legislation to improve national transit security and to provide better health care for veterans returning from wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Holt voted to pass much-needed reforms of our nation's financial and health care systems.  He helped bring $52 million to Rutgers University for research and development that will create jobs and improve infrastructure in Central Jersey.

What Central Jersey voters should consider – and what Republican Congressional Candidate Scott  Sipprelle hopes they ignore – are the consistently high grades Holt receives from TheMiddleClass.org, a web site that examines  Congress' effectiveness in representing the middle class.

Representative Holt has worked hard to support both his constituents and our nation as a whole. I hope residents of the 12th  will overlook Sipprelle's negative ads and re-elect Representative Holt on Election Day.


Eddie Konczal

Monroe Township