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Dear Editor:

Let’s see, what has Frank Pallone and his camp been up to lately? For starters one of his thugs bullied a 68 year old female Anna Little volunteer in Atlantic Highlands. Next, some thugs trashed Anna Little signs on the street. Then some more thugs vandalized Anna Little signs on private property. What does this say about the integrity of Pallone’s campaign? Quite frankly, there isn’t any! When you can’t win in the arena of ideas and intellectual exchange, you resort to brute force! Has he issued any public statement condemning this sort of behavior, or has he stated anywhere that this kind of thing will not be tolerated? No, he has not! Why, because he himself is a bully. Think about it, he bullied us into Pallonecare, he has bullied us into more tax increases come January 1st because he refused to vote to extend the Bush tax cuts, he has bullied seniors into accepting a cut in Medicare, and the soon to be added Death Tax.  The only way to stop Pallone in his tracks is to show him that we in CD 6 have had enough of his control!  Remember America, we are in the driver’s seat, and we must unseat this arrogant, elitist. We have a much better choice, her name is Anna little. She will not work for Washington, she will work for us. She will bring the American ideals back for America just as our great President Ronald Reagan once had. She stands for all that is good and decent. Anna Little won’t let government tread on us as Frank Pallone has done. On November 2nd GOTV, let this government hear our voices from every corner of our beautiful nation!

Sincerely yours,

Susan Christopher
Asbury Park, NJ