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I’m fed up in Middletown. How much more does the Township Committee majority think we homeowners can take? Mayor Scharfenberger, the TAX MAN, went to Trenton to get dispensation for his unconscionable increase in taxes. The State has a 4% cap on tax increases, but thanks to his connections in Trenton they allowed him to increase them over 12%. According to the papers, Mr. Scharfenberger would like us to believe that the increase is only 2.8%. This is a smoke screen that lets him hide behind the actual increase. Don’t be fooled again by the TAX MAN!

It’s time to retire the TAX MAN with your vote for Sean Byrnes and Mary Mahoney, who better understands the pressures on us as Middletown homeowners. Sean is the only serious financial voice on the Township Committee. He voted down this unprecedented increase in taxes because he felt the Township could have done a better job in planning for this year’s budget. He and Mary will bring sound financial planning to our town.


Marilyn Tuohy

Pt. Monmouth, NJ


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