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Sandy Hook - The Keeper's Gate

Where littered vines of poison twine
Placed long ago for peace of mind
Across the trail of unwitting souls
Who dare debark upon its shoals

Where a fox does cross way too late
And the little turtle breaks its gait
Their remnants lie upon display
For those to see what still may lay

It seems so long that she does wait
Forsaken here at the keeper's gate
Does no one come to take her place?
So certain she may die this fate

Relying on the visitor’s wit
She examines each for someone fit
With youthful spark to pass the light
Without the deadly fear of height

The wind it blows a thundering buzz
As we start the race to rise above
Each step we count a cadence march
And wonder if we have the starch

Reaching the apex of our mission
We suffer those lost through attrition
For only to the victor of our toils
Is one earned the right to share the spoils?

In the distance can be seen a great city
Its beckoning shore now evokes pity
Seeing lightning and hearing thunder
Such a revelation makes one wonder

Shards of glass do gleam and glow
And reveal the trails so far below
With little houses in little rows
And soldiers who left long ago

Number two house on the side of bay shore
Speaks the tales of local lore
A man’s face in the window’s glare
Can be seen by those who stop and stare

The stories here they all do tell
Of those who did not fare so well
And one can only wonder why
We do not hear the children cry

Upon the banks of Sandy Hook
I stare at what the surf has took
Black Swallowtail wind battered still
And driftwood that has lost its will

And yet I’m intrigued by all I see
I find the need to think of thee
Where once before I might have been
And once again I might begin

Eileen Morrissey 
Rutledge, PA

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