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Dear Editor:

Governor Christie is fighting tooth and nail to bring to a quick end the COAH debacle that has plagued our state for years.  Democrats in the legislature and locally, however, have been doing everything in their power to keep COAH alive.

The insidious and utterly undemocratic COAH mandate forces communities like ours to permit massive low income multiple dwelling housing in our neighborhoods, resulting in the forced urbanization of suburban and rural areas like our town.

Under the guise of providing “affordable housing”, COAH is nothing more than a thinly veiled gift to wealthy developers, real estate speculators and related special interests at the expense of you and me – citizens and taxpayers – not to mention the horrendous impact that urbanization and sprawling overdevelopment will bring.

Middletown is being bludgeoned by COAH to either provide or allow development of 1,000 such low income housing units, with the resultant cost of millions of dollars in initial costs and ongoing expenses to our taxpayers.  By the way – under COAH, these 1,000 units would guarantee the developers 4,000 additional “market rate” units!

Mayor Gerry Scharfenberger and the majority on the Township Committee have joined the fight to end COAH once and for all by passing a resolution to end COAH, thus joining Governor Christie in lifting this evil and anti-taxpayer usurpation of power.

Sadly, and for reasons best known to himself, Democrat Committeeman Sean Byrnes voted against this resolution, effectively supporting COAH and the developers, placing them and the Democratic machine before the will of the people.  And he expects our taxpayers to follow him?

I support the Christie team, Mayor Gerry Scharfenberger and his running mate, Kevin Settembrino.  They, unlike Mr. Byrnes truly represent the will of the people of Middletown.

Let’s remember in November!


William J.Schultz Jr.
Middletown, N.J.

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