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Congress leaves Washington without voting to extend the Bush tax cuts. Who was responsible for casting the deciding vote, none other than Congressman of CD6, Frank Pallone, who by the way mimicked Nancy Pelosi’s vote once again!

With our economy being in the fragile state it’s in, this is the worst possible news for America. What this means for us is this, the two major tax-cutting bills, the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001, and the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 will be phased out come December 31st.  According to Forbes Magazine, these two laws cut taxes across the board for earned income, long-term capital gains and dividends. The law also expands the child tax credit, eliminates the “marriage penalty” by giving couples filing jointly twice the deduction, and many taxpayers will lose as much as 80% of their itemized deductions depending on their income. Democrats like Frank Pallone would like us to believe that only the top two brackets will face higher taxes should the Bush cuts laps, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! The reality is,   rates will go up for everyone including the lower and middle class, bringing greater havoc to our economy.  This is Frank Pallone’s agenda and it proves he is dangerous for America.

In a September 30th article titled, Little: Pallone Cast Deciding Vote To Adjourn, Before Acting To Prevent Massive Tax Hike, Republican Congressional challenger Anna Little, sharply criticized her opponent, Frank Pallone. She states, “Today Frank Pallone showed why it’s time for him to leave Congress. With an economy in the ruts, his deciding vote will lead to continued uncertainty about the nation’s job creators, and will make job creation that much more difficult in the weeks and months to come.”

It is time for Americans to take a stand!  The voters of Congressional District 6 should ask themselves; do we want more of Frank Pallone’s economic progressive agenda or do we want a candidate who knows fiscal responsibility and truly cares about Americans? On November 2nd we must get out the vote for Anna Little. The only way to rid ourselves of the existing scourge is to vote them out of office!  This is the power granted all Americans by the Constitution. Unlike the Healthcare Bill, it is a relatively short document but it speaks volumes. This is the wonderful, democratic process we live by, WE THE PEOPLE…

God Bless America!


Sincerely yours

Susan Christopher

Asbury Park, N.J.