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The Mayor of Middletown is preoccupied with everything but the 13% tax increase that was introduced in June and will be voted on during the July 19 meeting. Instead of working to reduce this tax burden on the homeowners he is focusing his attention on supporting legislation to prevent unions from contributing to political groups.

As anyone that is up on current events, Mr. Scharfenberger should know that legislation such as this was recently brought before the US Supreme Court. As reported in a national newspaper the Court ruled that government may not ban political spending by corporations and other advocacy groups, like labor unions. Why would Mr. Scharfenberger waste time on such legislation unless he feels the need to generate more business for the legal community?

Mr. Scharfenberger should be utilizing his time by seeing that the taxpayers of Middletown are in the forefront by trying to reduce the tax burden that is being imposed. The increase that will be experienced this year is the result of the many years of mismanagement by the leaders of this town.

Marilyn Tuohy
Pt. Monmouth, NJ

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